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Training & Presenting

We are experienced in providing training to teams of all sizes, or presenting to a broader audience.


Training can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. Check out some of our packages below to get some ideas!

If you're interested in working together to create a New Deal for Neurodiversity in your organisation, please fill in the form below.

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Tami Parker, Director of People at Grow Progress

"Lizzie Somerfield led our staff through a brief but powerful presentation about neurodiversity in the workplace. Her blend of personal stories and data driven insights gave tangible skills for how colleagues can be stronger allies and how folks can best show up as their authentic selves in the workplace. After the training several staff shared that they felt "seen" for the first time at work. ."

Sneak Peak

Working through internalised ableism

Why Work With Us?

With so many Neurodiversity-focused businesses starting to pop up (yay!), it's important to know you're picking the right one - so here are some things that are unique about Lizzie / New Deal for Neurodiversity:

I may be based in Canada, but this is a truly international operation.


From growing up in New Zealand, studying in India, Au Pairing in Germany, to working at a global tech company in London (and more!) - I offer a unique international perspective on both being a Neurodivergent person and the various regulatory frameworks (e.g. accommodations requirements)

I'm familiar with many business types!


If your approval process is 4 layers deep, on 3 different teams, and it's going to take a year to roll out your new Neurodiversity Program - I've been there.


On the flip side if its just you making the calls and you really don't know where to start, I can empathise with that too!

Most importantly, our approach is entirely Neurodiversity affirming. You won't find any deficits-based language or implications that Neurodivergent people need to 'develop' to become more neurotypical around here.

Package Ideas


Intro to Neurodiversity

What is Neurodiversity & Why Does it Matter? ​ This covers 1. The Neurodiversity paradigm, and the social vs medical models of disability 2. Neurodiversity as a human rights movement, and intersectionality with other DEI areas 3. What it means to be Neurodivergent, with lived experience examples from an Autistic & ADHD perspective  4. Challenges Neurodivergent people face in the workplace, with tips on how to get started as an ally If you'd like an intro talk but on a specific topic (for example, "Giving Neurodivergent-friendly Feedback", we can absolutely do that too!)


Manager Training 

Managers have been found to have as much impact on a person's happiness and stress levels as their spouse. For a Neurodivergent person struggling to advocate for themselves on a topic their manager has never heard about let alone been trained on, this increases exponentially. Our Neurodiversity Training for Managers is designed to tackle this gap in information, by explaining concepts like the double empathy problem, rejection sensitive disphoria, and pathological demand avoidance (among others) in a digesitble way - and most importantly following this up with actionable tips to achieve the best outcomes with Neurodivergent direct reports. We'll also cover accommodations, sign-posting to resources, and share plenty of lived-experience examples along the way. Please note this Training requires an investment of at least 3x 1 hour sessions.


Accommodations Training

Knowing what accommodations to make available to Neurodivergent people can feel impossible. It requires exploring ways of working that you may not have considered in the past. Never fear! This training covers: - the basics of the regulatory framework on accommodations, tailored to your Country - accommodations processes and sign-posting - accommodation ideas for Neurodivergent people and why these may help (knowing that accommodations will necessarily be tailored to the individual) - how to bake accommodations into your culture and policies, relieving the burden on your Neurodivergent employees even further

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