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Ready to chat all things Neurodiversity?

Picture of Lizzie (brunette white woman) in a red top with blue flowers, smiling at the camera.

You can use consulting time to:

Get an Autistic + ADHD  lived-experience perspective on your project, DEI policy, or event

Get ideas on how to support a Neurodivergent team member

Talk through Neurodiversity, workplace neuro-inclusivity, or Neurodiversity as part of DEI

Let me know if there is something else you're after in the form below!

Why Work With Us?

With so many Neurodiversity-focused businesses starting to pop up (yay!), it's important to know you're picking the right one - so here are some things that are unique about Lizzie / New Deal for Neurodiversity:

I may be based in Canada, but this is a truly international operation.


From growing up in New Zealand, studying in India, Au Pairing in Germany, to working at a global tech company in London (and more!) - I offer a unique international perspective on both being a Neurodivergent person and the various regulatory frameworks (e.g. accommodations requirements)

I'm familiar with many business types!


If your approval process is 4 layers deep, on 3 different teams, and it's going to take a year to roll out your new Neurodiversity Program - I've been there.


On the flip side if its just you making the calls and you really don't know where to start, I can empathise with that too!

Most importantly, our approach is entirely Neurodiversity affirming. You won't find any deficits-based language or implications that Neurodivergent people need to 'develop' to become more neurotypical around here.

Our Clients Say

" It was a joy to work with Lizzie as she was incredibly collaborative and had a lot of insights to share" 

Shania Foster, Found By Few

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