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Coaching is a tool for Action

It can be really tricky to take the information we are learning about our Neurodivergence and put it into practice to create a life that works for our brain.

Coaching is that practical tool you're looking for.

Having a coach to keep you accountable to your goals in a judgement-free way supports you to create and actually implement those goals.


Through one hour sessions giving you a safe space to reflect, feel validated, and explore changes you want to make, you'll finish your sessions feeling empowered in your Neurodivergent identity.

Most importantly, our approach to Coaching is entirely Neurodiversity affirming. You won't find any deficits-based language or implications that Neurodivergent people need to 'develop' to become more neurotypical around here.

Scroll down to get started!

1/1 Coaching Deal

Three Sessions

Weekly or bi-weekly (your preference)

$500 Canadian

Six Sessions

Our recommendation is to start with this package in order to get the most out of coaching. Weekly or bi-weekly (your preference)

$990 Canadian

Twelve Sessions

Weekly or bi-weekly (your preference)

$1975 Canadian

Our Clients Say

"This was very practical coaching, targeted toward my needs as a manager.  We focused on breaking down unhelpful thought processes, questioning deeply held (but often inaccurate) beliefs, and identifying strategies to work more positively with those around me. We identified my goals and broke them down into actionable steps to take in defined timeframes. Lizzie's approach is positive and empowering."


Kim, Lawyer

“I felt  empowered to move forward between our sessions. Lizzie helping with setting goals really helped me stay focused on the future and focus on  achieving my dreams.”

"Lizzie is a great, intuitive coach. She knows just the right questions to ask!”

“Lizzie is a great coach!  With a very limited time, she navigated me to easy actions I could take to help with my hyper-achiever saboteur."

“Lizzie has been so supportive, she has given me tools to organise my time better, help build a roadmap to get things done. The sessions has been really helpful, and I am looking forward to use these exercises in the future and develop a better routine.”

Smruti, Photographer

What will we do & achieve in Coaching?

We'll decide that together.

In our first call together, we'll discuss goals you have and any issues you might be wanting support with. While I have a catalog of exercises that can be tailored to your needs (see below!), this is really your time and space to focus on what you choose to.

Neurodivergent Coaching does tend to be more structured than traditional coaching where it is on the client to set the agenda. Here we do it collaboratively, often following the structure of exercises I introduce, so that you can learn more about Neurodiversity at the same time as tailoring the sessions to your brain and your needs. 

To make the most of your time, I'll send out a questionnaire ahead of our sessions for you to reflect on and complete.

Neurodivergent-Designed Coaching Exercises

These coaching exercises have been designed specifically for Neurodivergent brains! 


They have been created based on my coaching training, experience working with clients on these issues, and my own experiences.


We can work through some/all of these in our sessions, or you can suggest alternatives you'd like to talk about.

Sensory Profile

Goal Setting


Spiky Profile

Energy Accounting

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

Self Advocacy

Pathological Demand Avoidance

Self Awareness


Internalised Ableism

ADHD Inertia

Working Memory

Nervous System Regulation


Tiimo Coaching Partner

Tiimo is an app designed by Neurodivergent people for Neurodivergent people. It's features include AI Checklists to break down big tasks with a single click, visual timelines to stay on top of your day, intuitive reminders, immediate access to your schedule from your Lock Screen, calendar synchronisation, and more!

As a Tiimo Coaching Partner, we can integrate their tailored digital solution into our coaching practice, to increase accountability and the impact coaching has for you.


If you sign up to Tiimo using our links, you'll get 3 extra months free on a 12 month Tiimo subscription.

Partner sticker white on purple.png

Why choose Coaching with Lizzie?

My Lived Experience

In the back of my mind, I always knew there was something different about me. I could see that other people were picking up on it, even if I didn't know what it was. Eventually, I was diagnosed as Autistic and ADHD at the age of 30. ​ As I worked through what this meant for me personally, I was also having to think about what it meant for me at work. ​ It was this first venture into advocating for myself that lead me to seek coaching from a fellow Neurodivergent person, and opened my eyes to the scale of the challenge faced by Neurodivergent people in the workplace. ​ The challenges I was facing - the misundersandings, lack of adequate training and processes, and mistreatment - they were not just my challenges but shared by a huge number of Neurodivergent people. It was this realisation which lead me to New Deal for Neurodiversity.

My Career

I am a New Zealand qualified lawyer, and began my career working in a boutique law firm in New Zealand. A lot of the skills I gained as a lawyer - advocating for others, active listening, etc - are definitely serving me well as a Neurodiversity advocate and trainer! In 2016, I moved overseas to complete my Masters degree followed by working overseas in London. I soon landed an in-house position at Apple. ​ During my nearly 5 years there I changed a lot - primarily through my ADHD and Autism diagnosis journey - and my priorities changed too. So at the end of 2022 I said farewell to what many people would consider a dream job, and set off on this New Deal for Neurodiversity journey.

My Qualifications

A trademark of many late-diagnosed Neurodivergent people is a large collection of qualifications due to our special interests and hyperfixations - it's definitely mine at least!  ​ Since transitioning away from a corporate / legal career, I've completed the following: - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certification from HR University - Make ADHD Work for you in 30 days, ADHD Works - Project Management Certification, Google (via Coursera) - ADHD Coaching Certification, ADHD Works ​ These courses, coupled with my corporate experience give me unique insight into realistic pathways to tangible changes in neuro-inclusion in the workplace - as well as equipping me to support fellow Neurodivergent people! I've gone on to host group coaching programs, organise free ADHD Awareness month events, gain 60+ hours of coaching experience, publish resources for the Neurodivergent community, and more!

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Keen to get started?

Can't wait for Coaching?

The Neurodivergent's Journal is specifically designed to help you on your journey

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