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Don't know what accommodations to ask for?

Stuck on how to communicate your needs?

You're in the right place.

Reasonable Accommodations Consulting includes:

  • An introduction call to understand a bit about you and your environment

  • Resources to help you think about your request and how to structure it

  • Review of your documentation by email

  • A one hour session to focus on

    • breaking down your needs to reflect the barrier you are facing, how you are individually affected by this, and what your proposed solution is

    • collaborating on how to phrase the request so it is well received

    • role playing how you will approach the conversation.

Please note that this session does not include or intend to provide legal advice

If you're struggling to identify what your needs are, we encourage Coaching in advance of this package

In Coaching, you can:

  • Gain self awareness, through tools designed to help you understand how your Neurodivergent traits are showing up in your life

  • Understand your sensory profile, by completing activities specifically designed for Neurodivergent people

  • Gain the confidence to self advocate, by having a safe space to process what you need and make a plan for how to get it


3x Coaching Sessions 
Reasonable Accommodations Consulting

$990 Canadian 

Reasonable Accommodations Consulting

$400 Canadian 

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