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When you have ADHD, your brain hyper-fixates on anything urgent, novel, competitive, or interesting.


If something doesn’t fall into that category, we can find ourselves internally yelling at our brains to just do it already, while outwardly we may be perceived as lazy or procrastinating.


Other elements of having ADHD can impact our ability to ‘do the thing’ too. We don’t conceptualise time in the same linear way as neurotypicals, so we can struggle to imagine tomorrow, let alone goals we want to work towards for the future. We therefore often impulsively opt for instant gratification rather than thinking long term.


This planner takes exercises developed as part of Lizzie's Neurodiversity Coaching practice, and combines them with organisational tools Lizzie has refined through years of excelling in her legal studies and corporate career, and her experience in project management.

Each exercise - from energy accounting, to goal setting, to working in sprints - builds on the last until you wind up with the organisational system of dreams. Well, maybe not of dreams, but one that makes your waking hours a little more manageable for sure!

More Than An ADHD Planner

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