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To truly make an impact on the Neurodiversity human rights movement and build that New Deal for Neurodiversity, we all need to get involved. 

We need the:

New Deal for Neurodiversity Collective

Joining the Collective means:

  • getting access to more in depth, complex content to help you on your Neurodiversity journey

  • supporting me to continue providing free content

  • most importantly, supporting the Neurodivergent community as a whole, because your Membership fees go towards funding things like free coaching and free events!

This is your chance to change the world 🤩

Picture of Lizzie (brunette white woman) in a floral dress. She is scrunching up her face at the camera with her arms out behind her

This collective is for

Neurodivergent People

The workplace is challenging for Neurodivergent people.


We've got tips-galore for learning to self-advocate, understanding your own traits, needs, strengths and sensory profile, and for being able to effectively communicate all of that to your employer.


Are you a manager with a Neurodivergent person in your team? A friend trying to help a Neurodivergent person break into employment?


Whatever the case, we want you here! With dedicated content to help you learn from lived experience, you'll be an expert ally in no time!


Organisations both large and small need to adapt to embrace neurodiversity.


It is the right thing to do. And (if it really matters) it's also been shown to have a positive financial impact on your business.


We've got resources to get you started.

Become part of the Neurodiversity 

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