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Jun 1, 2024 - Jun 30, 2024

AuDHD June Group Coaching Course

  • 30Days
  • 60Steps


There is no road map for navigating multiple neurotypes. This is a space for us all to explore that unique experience, together. Group coaching has been shown to be more effective than 1/1 coaching in helping individuals make bigger changes that last longer. A lot of that has to do with having access to people sharing your struggles, in an environment where there is no stigma. You come away feeling that much more empowered. ​ Which is ironic, because group coaching can be quite an intimidating thing to sign up for! Throwing yourself into an environment where you don't know anyone is tough, especially when you're neurodivergent. So we truly acknowledge and appreciate your bravery and vulnerability in joining us! ​ During June, we'll meet once a week for group coaching on the unique challenges and thrills that come with being AuDHD (self diagnosis is valid here!). In parallel, you'll have access to our Empowered Autistic course, with daily exercises to complete during March (or catch up at your leisure), as well as The Neurodivergent's Journal and the 'More than an ADHD Planner'. The course will focus on exploring how your unique traits show up, systems and tools you can put in place to support those traits, and bigger concepts like unmasking and internalised ableism

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