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Empowered Autistic Course

  • 30Days
  • 60Steps


Discovering you’re Autistic can be overwhelming. There is so much information to wade through. It’s hard to know what to believe, what sources to trust, and how to integrate this knowledge into your life. Putting it all together and actually making changes in your life to embrace your Autistic brain can feel impossible. This course helps with just that! With both educational content and stories from Lizzie’s lived experience, this is the place to explore your Autistic traits along with concepts, tips and tools that help! Each video comes with a quiz, reflective questions or a worksheet, to help you put your learnings into practice You’ll come away with a fresh perspective and the confidence to take action in creating a life that works for your Autistic brain. What You'll Lean All about your autistic traits, together with tips, tools and concepts that help you to feel empowered as an autistic person. - We begin with introductory sessions on Neurodiversity terminology, disability models and reliable sources of information. - Section 2 puts your Autistic traits in context, through concepts like a spiky profiler, sensory profiler, handling social rules, and bottom up thinking. - We then cover a number of concepts that are super helpful, including the double empathy problem & unconscious bias, PDA, monotropism, internalised ableism, and boundaries. - We explore tools that help, including meltdowns, advocacy, mind-body connection, therapy & coaching, and empowering phrases. - Then we look at tips that help, like knowing your rights, energy accounting, evicting society’s narratives, accommodations, and helpful analogies. - Finally, we tie it all together looking at unmasking, self advocacy, support needs, and how you are uniquely you.

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