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Neurodiversity Allyship Course

  • 20Days
  • 21Steps
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Allyship is a concept many of us are becoming more familiar with in the context of race, gender, or sex. Yet we hardly ever hear of allyship in the context of Neurodiversity. This course changes that, addressing a gap that desperately needs it, and empowering you to become the ultimate ally to your Neurodivergent friends, family members and colleagues. What You'll Learn - All about Neurodiversity terminology, disability models, the Neurodiversity human right's movement. ​- About Allyship as a concept, and how this applies to the Neurodiversity movement through topics like unconscious bias. - How to be an Ally in the workplace, including spotting micro-aggressions, championing Neurodivergent people's careers, neuro-inclusive feedback and socialising. ​- Allyship in the community, including social events, education and social media, as well as how to avoid performative allyship. What You'll Get - Access to a new video lesson every day for 20 days. - The course is self paced, so you can skip ahead or catch up according to your schedule. ​- Each video is five minutes or less, allowing you to easily fit your lesson into your day. - Transcripts are also provided so you can learn however works best for your brain. - Lifetime access to the course, to return and re-watch whenever you like. ​- A Certificate of Completion.

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