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The Neurodivergent's Journal

Discovering you're Neurodivergent can be an overwhelming experience. This Journal is here to help.

Newly diagnosed Neurodivergent or wondering if you might be?

This journal has been designed specifically for you.

Discovering you are neurodivergent is a life changing thing. But once you know that you're autistic, ADHD, dyslexic, or what ever it might be, there is often little guidance given to you. You're not told how to integrate this new knowledge into your life, or what the impact of not knowing it for so long might have been on your body and brain. Things like coaching can be very helpful for late diagnosed neurodivergent people, but these also require you to be ready to talk about your experiences (not to mention invest time and money). This journal has been created by a neurodivergent person for neurodivergent people. Lizzie Somerfield has received coaching herself, trained to become a coach for neurodivergent people, and before all of that, went on a journey through many practice areas to learn how to help herself. This journal includes - creating a sensory profile - understanding your neurodivergent traits - rediscovering the connection between your mind and body (including content on vegus nerve activation, EFT, and mindfulness) - practicing communicating your neurodivergent needs to others - a space to brain dump all of the thoughts whizzing around in your head - exercises to help you consciously appreciate the good things around you empowering phrases, to motivate you on this journey This journal can take you on a truly powerful journey to embracing your neurodivergent identity. Are you ready to let it?


Our Customers Say

"I highly recommend investing in this journal so you too can learn to connect the dots between our mind and body in a bid to empower, and create confidence and happiness. We can create the life that we want - and this is the tool to help us along the way."

Heidi Smith, Founder of Neuro-Stitch

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